Mother’s Day To-Go


Starting Monday, May 11 we’ll have Lunch & Dinner To-Go

Celebrate Mom this year and have us do all the cooking. We’ll cook up a great meal for four people. Hot and ready for you to pick up on Mother’s Day!

Choose from four family-style selections, including two sides, a simple tossed salad and individual strawberry shortcakes. Wine to-go, mimosas and a la carte sides are also available!

We can accommodate gluten, nut, and shellfish allergies. If you have any allergy specific questions contact Audrey Wheeler at

Please call 336-854-2000 or email Audrey Wheeler at between hours 11 AM – 6 PM with any questions or changes to your online order.

When you place an order, your card will be authorized and you will be charged for the order. All orders are finalized upon payment.

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Mother’s Day Menu To-Go
May 10, 2020

These meals include a choice of two sides, simple tossed salad (choice of dressing), individual strawberry shortcakes and will serve four people.

Rotisserie Boneless Leg of Lamb
With mint yogurt sauce, 2 side items, salad and dessert.

Skillet Fried Chicken
4 breasts, 4 legs, 4 thighs, 2 side items, salad and dessert. Also includes cornbread.

Brunch Casserole
Ham, thyme, and Gruyère cheese. 2 side items, salad and dessert. Gluten Free.

Wood Fired Salmon with Sherry Thyme Butter
2 side items, salad and dessert. Sherry thyme butter served on the side.

Choice of Sides

Sides may also be ordered A La Carte and serve four people ($12.95 each)

Brussels Sprouts


Green Beans

Roasted Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

GVG Hash Browns


Mac & Cheese

Strawberry Shortcake


Must be at least 21 years old and present a Valid ID at pick up


Bespoke CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Paso Robles ‘18 $20

Schrader Cellars “Double Diamond” CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Oakville ’16 $65

Orin Swift “Mercury Head,”CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Napa Valley  ’14 $100

Belle Glos “Clark & Telephone Vineyard,” PINOT NOIR, Santa Maria ’17 $45



Bespoke CHARDONNAY, Central Coast ’17 $14

Hartford CHARDONNAY, Russian River Valley ’18 $24

The Crossings SAUVIGNON BLANC, Marlborough New Zealand ’18 $15

Bespoke PINOT GRIGIO, Paso Robles ’18 $16



Da Luca, PROSECCO, Italy MV $18

Bespoke ROSÉ, Paso Robles ’17 $18



Bottle of Prosecco and 1/2 Gallon Orange Juice $30

Mother’s Day To-Go Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order gluten free options?

Yes! There is a field on order form to notate gluten free when ordering. Once you place your order, Audrey Wheeler will call you about your gluten free items if you have questions.  The following meals and sides are not gluten free: Skillet Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Strawberry Shortcakes (we will have a substitute dessert that is gluten free).

I have a severe allergy (gluten, shellfish, nut) is it safe to order, can I order anything?

Our chefs are well trained and safety is our number one priority with allergies. We will note your allergy when you order with them and your meal will be prepared safely.  We will have substitutes for items that aren’t gluten free with certain orders.  We are not cooking shellfish or using nuts when preparing these meals, but it’s important to still note your allergy when ordering.

I need to feed 5-6 people, will ordering one meal be enough?

One family meal will comfortably feed 4 people. If you think you need extra food or will have extra people, then you might consider ordering a second meal for 4.

Do I have to come inside to pick up my order?

We want to make picking up your order as contactless as possible.  Just pull up to the front of O.Henry Hotel and we’ll bring your order out to you.  We don’t require your credit card again. If you ordered wine, we ask that you show a valid ID through the window at pick up.

Can I add gratuity to my online order?

Yes! You can add gratuity by adding “gratuity” to your cart and selecting an amount. 100% of gratuities go to our staff member relief fund!

Since you are doing to go food on Mother’s Day, does that mean you will be doing more to go soon?

We are going to make decisions on that soon, but we will update guests who subscribe to our email list and our website as soon as we know more information